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We provide a platform for students/ professionals through which they can post their training requirements and book Tutors after watching their introductory video and profile.

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    teachers or professionals


    A big platform for Teachers for helping students/professional to accomplish their training. Follow the complete training methodologies like presentation,assessment, assignment, tutorials, references.

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    languages tutors

    Language Teachers

    A big platform for professionals for helping students/professional to accomplish their training. Follow the complete training methodologies like presentation,assessment, assignment, tutorials, references.

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    Project Teachers

    Industry Expert or working profesisonals can work with us .Professionals can conduct students level projects training.

  • M.TECH projects training
  • B.TECH projects training
  • MCA Project training
  • 11th and 12th Computer Science Project training
  • O & A Level Project
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    Tutor's Categories

    Academic Tutors

    Academic Tutor

    We have an expert academic teachers . They are well qualified , highly experienced and result oriented.They are engaged with public and private sectors schools or having their own running Academic Institutes. Academic subjects or course contents will depend on board like C.B.S.E. or I.C.S.E etc. Academic sessions are available for each and every grade level students such as 5th to 12th , B.A ,, B,sc, M.A , , .

    BCA MCA Btech Tutors

    IT Tutor

    We provide the professional trainers who are working or who have worked in IT sectors. Expertise comes from professionalism and our Trainers are professional on each and every IT subjects such as c++ , Python, Java , .Net, PHP. There are several different phase in IT like Networking , Database management , Programming for software architect , Mobile app. Development etc.
    Database management professional background will be Sql Server , Mysql , MongoDB , SqlLite etc
    Networking professional background will be CCNA , MCSC , Networking etc
    Mobile App. Developement --> Android

     BBA MBA Tutors

    MBA Tutor

  • BBA all subjects
  • MBA in HR all subjects
  • MBA in Finance all subjects
  • MBA in IT subjects
  • MBA in Mktg. subjects
  • IT Projects

    Project Tutor

    Students who are willing to complete their Project level training can also post their requirements. Projects develeopment categories are Academic projects for IT like Python , C++, Java , ASP and database programming.Projects for professional students like BCA , MCA , B,tech , Metch ,Bsc IT on any profesional subjects such as Java , .Net , PHP , Android , C++ , Python etc. Short term course projects professional like ‘0’ level , ‘A’ level , ‘B’ level etc. Those students who want to complete their project training can also post their project requirement at EduPOK.

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    Our Mission

    We provide the world best Tutors in all categories.

    Searching for the right tutors by right platform.

    Students can direct contact to teachers after watching their introductory videos and profile.

    We at all over india believing in quality of education

    How do we work?

    We understand the students requirements and fulfil their requirements with our expert registered and verified tutors.
    “Enrol today and getting ready to change the world\E2\80?
    We provide a platform for students through which they can find the best tutor after watching their introductory , training video and tutor experience. Platform of learning can be online , tutor's home , student's home or coaching centres.

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